Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Move

Freddie Marshall | May 15, 2018 | 0 | Hotels & Travel

You might be excited about the prospect of moving into a new home, but that joy will be tempered by the prospect of the move itself. Moving is difficult, no matter the scale of it. You could make things a little easier by hiring professional furniture removalists in Sydney, but there are certain things that you need to do or avoid in order to make it a little easier on you and the removalists and also help in cutting down on the costs.

When you are planning for a successful move, you must learn how to avoid making the bad choices during the move which could be costly in the short and long run. Here are some common mistakes that you will need to avoid when planning to make your Sydney move:

Failing to Hire Professional Removalists

We are obsessed with cost-cutting and we feel that we can simply do a lot of non-technical stuff in our homes in order to save a few hundred dollars. However, even if you do it yourself, it is not going to save you much money and you might end up incurring extra losses from damages. If you have lots of personal items, which is the case for most of us, then you will have to get in extra hands to assist you with the move such as friends or family. You will need to hire a van, buy packing materials and other little costs in order to make your move easier. If you quantify these costs, along with the “man-hour” costs of packing these items, you will realize that it is even cheaper and more efficient to hire a pro furniture removalist that is skilled and efficient in handling your Sydney move.

You Will Get What You Pay for

When it comes to moving your furniture, the cheapest is not really the best. You have to evaluate your moving company in a totally holistic manner and look at its strengths and weaknesses from a holistic perspective. So you don’t just do a search based on which service is the cheapest. You have to see whether they provide you good value in the first place.  Look for a reputable moving that has a track record for high quality of service. The quality of service along with the reputation of the company will generally go together with the pricing of the service.

Failing to Plan Ahead

Failing to plan is another common reason why many moving exercises might go awry. As they say, failing to plan well is planning to fail. You must, therefore, give your move time and plan well for the occasion. Fix a date when you are planning to move and then start working hard towards the date. Book a date with the moving company and start planning very early for the move. This will help you avoid last-minute stress on a moving day. Take time to choose furniture removalists in Sydney that are reputable and reliable and with experience moving the items that you are planning to move to your new destination.  Things will be easier on you if you let professionals handle the entire moving process. Make arrangements for end-of-lease house cleaning so as to get your bond back and if you no longer need some items, this is the time to declutter.

Failing to Pack Well

This is the third most common mistake that many make when they are moving their furniture. They fail to pack well so that to protect their items. If you are unfamiliar with the intricacies of packing, it is best to let a moving company do it for you professionally. This is especially important if you are planning to pack fragile items or even furniture items that are generally costly to replace.

Tell Others When You Have Moved

There are so many people that you need to notify when you are making a move and they are not just your friends and family members. You need to notify your utility companies and deactivate current services as you apply for new one. You can also notify the banks, insurance companies and various other subscriptions that typically send you mail and packages.

The most important tips here is to plan ahead and also hire the best furniture removalists in Sydney that can offer you a professional service. That can make a huge difference in your move.

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