6 Things You Should Always Keep in Your Car

Freddie Marshall | March 13, 2018 | 0 | Automotive

 A man from South Burnett recently won a brand new set of wheels a day after April fool’s day. Well, he could hardly believe he’d won a new HoldenColorado. He purchased a shed kit from a servicing shop, like service centre Beaudesert based and entered a lucky draw worth $ 60,000 soon after.

In case you are planning to buy your own emergency car kit, the following list is a DIY method of making sure you have 6 essential items in case you are ever stranded on the road.

Cellphone charger

Keeping your phone charged at all times, especially if you are miles away from a service station like a service centre Beaudesert market has, is essential for the safety of you and your family. It may make a difference when it comes to getting help fast in case you are ever in an accident or need roadside assistance. If your car has a built-in phone system, make sure your car’s programs, software and electrical are up to date.

First aid kit

Compact first aid kits are always available at your local car servicing centre that offers car service Brisbane wide. These pre-packaged boxes are commercially made with any essentials you may require for injuries on the road till paramedics arrive. You may also come across accidents that you may not be involved in that may require items from your first aid kit. Available at various prices at local car goods stores like service centre Beaudesert based, a good first aid kit will include disposable gloves, scissors, bandage, sterilized cotton, sealed alcohol swabs, while more expensive ones could include foil blankets as well.

Warning triangles

Always keep room in the back for night-friendly reflective triangles. This could save your life if you are on a road trip in the outback without street lights to offer you visibility to other cars. Usually, emergency kits found at car shops like service centre Beaudesert market has today include them in their packaging.

Tire gauge

Even though you may be able to check the air in your car’s tires at your local gas station or servicing center like service centre Beaudesert based, if you are on a long road trip you may want to frequently check your tires while going over changing terrain. It is better to know if your tire is leaking air and patch it up till you can change the tire. Check Scenic Motors for more details.

Drinking water

Other than the obvious tools to change your car tire, a flashlight and utility knife, people tend to store drinking water in their car. Always keep bottled water that can easily be used for anything from rehydration to washing wounds or your hands from any grease you may encounter while personally servicing your car.

Jumper cables

Since the automobile battery was created, jumper cables have been an essential part of a car’s storage. You never know when you or someone else stranded on the road may need help. In case you are in a rain or flood zone, jumper cables could make a difference between getting away safely and leaving your car stranded on the road.

Being prepared is essential to great driving and emergencies on the road. You can learn more about car service Beaudesert centres conduct, by visiting sites online like http://scenicmotors.com.au

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